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Welcome to - Bringing Back Extra-Curricular Activities to Carlinville Schools.

Baseball 8800
Dave Boente
Rich Walden
Softball 5050
Rod Chevalier
Mark Boente
Basketball MS B&G 16650 
Karen Freehill *HS G 11000
Mark Harris *HS B 16600
Student Council MS 1200 *HS 3300
Mike Oser
Mike Kelly
Cavalettes 3400
Connie Morin
Peg Barkley
Track XC 4850 MS B&G 10600 *HS 16350
Frank Bates
Mike Viano
Cheerleading HS 3600 MS 1050Dawn McFarland
Gail Duckels
Volleyball MS 5900 *HS 8800
Fran Struble
Sharon Bates
Golf 4300
Greg Boente
Lige Daley
Wrestling 7600
Keith Woods
Bill Wieties
Musical 8350 
Lori Reiher
Gary Gardner
WYSE 4050
Pat Oser
Craig Witham
Scholastic Bowl MS 6200 HS 10700 
Jim Fenton 
Gene Laverty 
Football *HS 34250
Shawn Davis
Kenny Young
Soccer HS B 6200 HSG6000
Kevin Walker
Bill Herndon
Speech 2200
HS Yearbook 4500
MS Yearbook 700
Board of Education
Community at Large
Jerry Eiffert
Judge Russell

 *will probably be picked up next year

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