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Welcome to - Bringing Back Extra-Curricular Activities to Carlinville Schools.

The students, the schools, and the community need our help. As well as the academic side of schools, the extra curricular activities are very important. They build teamwork skills, the ability to get along and work with others, and learning that takes the support of every individual to make a whole.

As you know, several activities are being eliminated from the schools this year because of the lack of funding support form the State. We are looking for community support to enable the District to reinstate these activities. Extra curricular participation builds enthusiasm in the schools as well as the community. It gives the community a source of entertainment, participation and pride that they talk about for years.

If a community loses this type  of togetherness, its members will travel to get it. If they travel to another community to watch or participate in an event, they will buy gas, meals, shop, etc. in that community. Once they lose the opportunity to support something locally, they will go elsewhere. If we don't maintain what we have, we not only lose our schools but our businesses as well.

We are asking for your support for the students, the schools and the community-a pledge of $2,000 each year for the next three years. It can be paid in three installments - July 1, September 1, and the balance by January 1. This money will be used for all activities that are being eliminated. It will be managed by a group that represents all the students and their needs - the musical, Scholastic Bowl, cross country, wrestling, WYSE, Student Council, baseball, soccer, Cavalettes, cheerleading, golf, softball, volleyball, all middle school activities - anything that was cut by the fund reduction. Students who participate in any of these activities may be asked to help by paying a participation fee, the amount to be determined by the Board of Education.

We hope that you will want to contribute to the total fund, supporting all activities in the Carlinville School District. However, if you choose to support only a specific group (s), you may do so. If not enough money is raised to reinstate your particular group, your contribution will be returned to you.

Please consider supporting the Fun-D for Kids. They learn, they respond, and it will give them a positive point in their lives. Please download, complete and return the form on this site before July 1. You may make your check payable to the Carlinville Community School District #1. All contributions are tax -deductible pursuant to the tax law. Your help will provide funding for continuing excellence in our school system. If you desire further information about this important fundraiser, please feel free to contact us.

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